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The Rolls Royce of protein powders, at the top for muscle mass gain!

The Rolls of protein powder is finally available in Switzerland! Much purer than the best Whey proteins, PeptoPro® is the best for building muscle mass!

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Improves the assimilation of protein by the body by 26


“PeptoPro® is the most anabolic natural supplement ever developed because of its speed of assimilation.

“It is the most anabolic in the field of rapidly assimilated proteins.

Specialized websites are unanimous: there is no protein powder that performs better than PeptoPro® . Also known as Casein Hydrolisate, PeptoPro® comes from whey. However, thanks to a precise extraction process, PeptoPro® is very quickly and easily assimilated by the body (26% better assimilated than the best Whey on the market) because the amino acids that make it up are divided into 2 groups, di and tri-peptides, in order to facilitate the task of the digestive system, which can thus directly feed the muscle, without having to sort it out first. In short, if limiting muscle catabolism and creating lean mass is your goal, then PeptoPro® is for you.

Taste : neutral, slightly sweetened thanks to natural extracts of stevia*.

*Plant used in the food industry for its sweetening properties.

Tips for use

We recommend that you divide your PeptoPro® intake into three doses. The first one, 1 hour before the training, the second one during the training, and the last one, in the half hour following the training. PeptoPro® is only to be consumed at these times and should not replace your protein intake outside of training.

The recommended amount depends on your goals and the intensity of your training: between 5 and 10 grams per intake. For a person seeking to gain muscle mass, we recommend a consumption of 10 grams before, 10 grams during, and 10 grams after his or her bodybuilding session. For a light training of a person wishing to avoid soreness, 3 x 5 grams will be enough.

Since PeptoPro® is bitter by nature, it is advisable to dissolve it in a beverage with a taste you like, or with our Dextrose product, which thanks to its sweet taste, will mask the bitterness of Peptopro and provide you with the carbohydrates necessary for an intense training. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not mix with alcohol. To be used as part of a balanced diet.


PeptoPro® (casein hydrolysate – steviol glycosides (stevia extracts).

Nutritional intake

Calories: 338 Kcal (1411 Kj) / Protein: 80.5 g / Carbohydrates: 0.5 g / Fat: 1.5 g.


For 20 g:
Alanine: 460 mg / Arginine: 600 mg / Aspartic acid: 1000 mg / Cystine: 20 mg / Glutamic acid: 3420 mg / Glycine: 280 mg / Histidine: 440 mg / Isoleucine: 760 mg / Leucine: 1500 mg / Lysine: 1180 mg / Methionine: 520 mg / Phenylalaline: 740 mg / Proline: 1700 mg / Serine: 820 mg / Threonine: 580 mg / Tryptophan: 160 mg / Tyrosine: 880 mg / Valine: 1020 mg.

Additional information

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