Maiday has been committed to providing the highest quality supplements for over 10 years.

Since 2012, Maiday has been offering food supplements that meet the highest Swiss quality standards in the food industry.
Devoid of sugar and additives, these accompany you throughout the day and the effort before, during or after sport.

Why choose Maiday?

Choosing Maiday means improving your well-being, optimizing your performance and ensuring a better recovery during even the most intense effort. Thus, through a dozen products manufactured in Gruyère and in France, we accompany both the athlete and the standard sportsman in order to provide all the necessary nutrients and adapted to the various types of practice, while avoiding injuries.

Whatever the time or effort, Maiday has what you need!

When to use a Maiday supplement?

Before : Strawberry and raspberry flavored 250 mL dose to prepare the body for exercise.

Boost: 25 mL dose to prevent and overcome fatigue states, supporting physical fitness, optimizing concentration capacity and increasing dopamine levels.

Ketoprotthe reference of the predigested protein “PeptoPro®” which promotes the consumption of fats and increases the available energy.

Team: Reference of the sports supplement with professional teams, which supports the muscular explosiveness and maximizes the effort for several hours.

Trail: Specific supplement to the micro-nutritional needs of endurance and ultra-endurance sports, which promotes the use of fat as a source of energy, protects against intestinal and muscular problems and renews glycogen reserves during exercise.

Maltodextrin and Dextrose are both intended for the maintenance of glycogen throughout the effort.

Isomin allows athletes to complete their hydration to avoid cramps and muscle fatigue.

Mg+ : Complex based on Magnesium, vitamin B6, taurine. Accelerates recovery and prevents the body from being deficient in magnesium to prevent cramps, aches, tingling and tremors.

Peptopro® : One of the best proteins on the market to use before, during or after your efforts!

Recovery : New generation post-exercise recovery supplement. Protects the digestive system and the body from oxidative stress, allows athletes to recover and regenerate muscles faster than normal.

Spirulina : Powdered blue-green algae, rich in iron and vitamin, powerful antioxidant, anti-fatigue that supports the elimination function of the body.

Lô de Maiday : Natural drink, without preservative, based on Hibiscus, available in several capacities. Powerful fat burner, antioxidant, stabilizer of the digestive system.